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SOLO® Expert Pool Table Moves in Moline

SOLO® Pool Table Movers has provided excellent pool table moves for years. When it comes to moving pool tables we do understand the risks and potential dangers involved, that’s why strength and manpower alone should not be the approach to successfully moving your pool table. Our team of technicians is not only professionals but we are a pool table moving specialists, with an obligation to give you the best results possible.

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Most professionals know how pool tables should and shouldn’t be moved, but that doesn’t mean they can or will deliver results up to your expectations. No one can deliver the professional services SOLO® Pool Table Movers does, not only because we are epochal in this industry, but because we pride ourselves by delivering a unique first-class service to our customers.

Pool table moves with our nationally backed company are more secured than ever, accompanied by an exclusive ABIA service guarantee. Give us a call for more information!

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The Process of Moving Your Pool Table

We will carefully uninstall your pool table and safely prepare it to be moved. Taking the slates from the frame and getting the table into a bunch of smaller pieces so they can be easily set up at the new location.  Once at the new location our team of professionals will install the table from the ground up, with precise new leveling on the surface to ensure a clean install and a perfect playing field.

Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we are a recognized business in our industry.

Factors involved with the cost of moving your pool table

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We use the appropriate tools and techniques to provide a high quality and efficient pool table move. The idea is to do disassemble it with ease, so reinstallations can be easy and precise. The last thing you want is to damage your pool table in the process. That’s what pros are for.

To determine the price of moving the pool table we must take into account the dimensions of the table, the type, and model of table, as some are easier to disassemble and reassemble than others, and any other circumstances and situation of the move.

We may charge extra for stairs when moving a 3 piece slate pool table. In some instances, we won’t move 1pc. slate tables, but that’s depending on the situation of the move.

Moline Pool Table Movers offer services for most types of pool tables. These include moving from one home to another, from a home to a storage garage in the event of wanting it back on the property, from home to business and vice versa. Other services include disassemble, installations, felt replacements, leveling and more.

The process of moving and installing a pool table can be a very dangerous process on your own, because of the heavy pieces or the risk of damaging your table, or worse, yourself or your property. A professional certainly will make that risk as small as it can be, by taking appropriate measures to ensure safe, satisfactory pool table services.