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Pool Table Movers

SOLO® Pool Table Movers in Moline

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SOLO® Pool Table Movers knows the most important factor involved with buying a new or used pool table is the quality of how well it is assembled. There are those amateur pool table installers, there are professional pool table installers, and there are SOLO® pool table installers. We come with state of the art service, that capitalizes on our customers desire to feel confident, secure, and overall impressed with our work. To make matters even greater our installers are backed by the American Billiards Installers Association with an exclusive 1-year service guarantee.

Professional billiard repair – Pool table moves – Pool table repair – Pool table set up and services

Throughout the years we have handled countless customers dissatisfied with the work completed by other installers, only to find themselves out of money and left with an inoperable pool table. Don’t worry there has never been an issue SOLO® has not been able to resolve in regards to the move, installation, and refelting of a pool table. Some of the tools we use to ensure you receive the best quality include a machinist level for accurate leveling, beeswax mixed with resin compound for filling in holes and seams, and composite wood shims that are moisture-resistant and don’t compress as easily as traditional cedar shims.

We proudly serve all of Moline, Illinois, and surrounding areas. At SOLO® Pool Table Movers, we specialize in pool table move, pool table setup or billiard installation, and pool table recovering services. We offer the highest quality billiard repair and services in the area. We also service Bettendorf, Davenport, Muscatine, Clinton, Kewanee, Galesburg, Monmouth, Sterling, Rock Falls, Burlington, Dubuque, Canton, Freeport,  Fruitland, Rock Island, East Moline, Riverdale, Milan, Silvis, Ginger Hill, Timber Ridge, Coal Valley, Rockingham, Cedar Rapids, Peoria, Moline, Iowa City, and surrounding areas.

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Touch to call (563) 293-7599

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Professional Billiard and Pool Table Movers

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SOLO® Pool Table Movers will carefully disassemble your pool table, load it securely into our vehicle, move it to the new destination, and professionally set up the table using assembly techniques making the billiard table perfectly level.  Be careful of people who are cheap and claim a lot of experience, this in itself is a red flag and if you are a conscious consumer you should consider using a company backed by the only organization representing the billiard installation and service industry.

Pool table movers should be employed for best results and to eliminate the risk of damage and injury.

Pool and Billiard Table Installation

If your pool table is currently in pieces and in the room you need it to be in, then a pool table installation is what needs to be completed for you. Our installers will provide the first-class service towards the setup, leveling, and refelting of your pool table. After this process, we leave all customers assured they not only made the right choice but the best choice. We set up all billiard and pool tables to necessary specifications to ensure an excellent game for you.

 The proper equipment and tools are necessary to ensure a flat, level and consistent installation of any billiard and pool table.

 Pool and Billiard Table Recovering

We offer two options of billiard felt in several colors to match your decorative needs.  Standard felt for the casual player and tournament worsted material for those serious players who prefer faster ball speed. If you want your billiard investment to play to its maximum potential, go with the pro tournament felt!

We will come into your house and remove the existing felt from your table, replacing it with Championship Titan or Tour Edition. We will also double check your pool table to see if it is level or not, if it isn’t we will correct it. Other brands of felt are available such as Simonis.

Please click on the refelt/recover tab and then on the Titan or Tour Edition. When you call or send an e-mail, tell us which one you want.

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Additional Services That We Offer…

  • Disassemble a 3 piece slate pool table and move it to storage
  • Disassemble a 3 piece slate pool table, take out side to storage or moving truck
  • Pick up billiard table from storage, deliver and install
  • Move a billiard table for re flooring. 3 piece slate. Requires two appointments
  • Move a pool table to storage then into a house. 3 piece slate. Two appointments
  • Disassemble a billiard table that is 3 piece slate and reassemble it in a different room.

About Us

We have installed thousands of pool tables in the past 8 years and have over 20 years of experience doing it. SOLO® Pool Table Movers is a member of the ABIA and takes pride in all of the work that we do. We also guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

We at Moline Pool Table Movers take pride in every billiard table that we setup, install, recover, or re felt. We offer additional services such as moving a pool table when you get your room re-carpeted, we will disassemble the pool table and move it in another room to come back another day and install it. Perhaps you are moving to a different city, we can disassemble the table only. We can also disassemble and move your pool table into storage.

Please click on the tabs at the top or bottom of the site to see some of our pricing deals on moves, installation, and recover/ refelt. Once you have an idea of what type of work you need done, call us to get a free quote.  Thanks for visiting our website.